A Guide to Earning an MBA Finance Degree Online in the United States

By | January 28, 2024

Pursuing an MBA with a specialization in finance online enables working professionals to gain advanced business acumen and financial leadership skills on a schedule tailored to their lifestyle. This comprehensive guide explores the growing need for online MBA finance training, factors to consider when selecting top programs, and detailed overviews of 10 leading online MBA finance degrees across America.


The field of finance has become extremely complex in today’s fast-paced, global business environment driven by data, technology, and uncertainty. Financial leaders must expertly analyze risks, leverage analytics, and make strategic decisions that create value for organizations.

An online MBA finance degree from a reputable business school provides the sophisticated expertise required for leadership roles like Chief Financial Officer, Finance Director, Portfolio Manager, Investment Banker, Financial Analyst, and Treasurer. Coursework provides in-depth 

knowledge of areas like:

  • Corporate finance and valuation methodologies
  • Investment banking and securities analysis
  • Risk management using financial derivatives
  • Financial modeling, forecasting, and data analytics
  • Financial accounting and corporate financial statement analysis
  • Strategic financial planning and leadership

Top programs deliver rigorous curriculum comparable to on-campus MBAs. Online delivery offers scheduling flexibility and accessibility for busy working professionals. Admissions often require at least 2-3 years of professional experience in addition to an undergraduate degree. GMAT/GRE scores may be required as well depending on the program.

When researching online MBA finance options, key factors to evaluate include:

Program Reputation and Rankings

Select programs from highly regarded schools known for excellence in business education and online program delivery. Highly ranked schools attract experienced faculty and top peer students.

Curriculum Alignment with Goals

Review required and elective courses to ensure they provide knowledge relevant to your aims. Specialized courses should be offered in corporate finance, investments, analytics, and more.

Faculty Credentials and Experience

Faculty should have PhDs and extensive real-world experience in senior finance positions. Their expertise elevates the learning experience.

Cost, Scholarships, and Financial Aid Availability

Tuition ranges from $60k – $100k total for top programs. Compare costs against reputation, rankings, and graduate outcomes. Many provide scholarships and financial assistance.

Program Duration and Time Commitment

Typical duration is 2-3 years part-time. Accelerated programs allow completion in 12-18 months. Expect 15-25 hours per week of coursework.

Networking Opportunities and Career Services

Robust career support assists with internships, networking, and job placement after graduation. Alumni connections provide mentoring.

This guide provides detailed overviews of 10 highly regarded online MBA finance degrees across America.

  1. What are the key benefits of earning an MBA finance degree online?

Some major benefits include flexibility to study anywhere and anytime, saving on commute/relocation costs, and being able to work full-time while studying. Top online programs offer the same high-caliber curriculum and faculty as on-campus options.

      2.  What core courses are covered in an online MBA finance program?

Typical courses include financial accounting, corporate finance, investment management, financial markets, analytical tools, risk management, valuation methodologies, and financial modeling. Programs allow electives to customize the degree.

  1. How much does an online MBA finance degree cost?

Tuition for top online MBA finance programs ranges from $50,000 to over $100,000 in total. Costs vary based on the school, program length and delivery format. Financial aid and scholarships are available.

  1. How long does it take to complete an online MBA finance degree?

The typical duration is 2-3 years for part-time online MBA finance programs. Accelerated options allow completion in 12-18 months. The time commitment is usually 15-25 hours per week.

  1. What career options are available after graduating?

An online MBA finance degree can lead to senior roles like Chief Financial Officer, Finance Director, Investment Banker, Portfolio Manager, Financial Analyst, Treasurer, and other leadership positions requiring advanced financial expertise.

Profiles of Top 10 Online MBA Finance Programs

1. Carnegie Mellon University Tepper School of Business

  • Tuition: $125,000 total
  • Duration: 48 months part-time
  • Courses: Quantitative finance, statistical modeling, derivatives, financial analysis
  • Platform: Canvas LMS
  • About: Ivy League-caliber MBA featuring math/tech focus from a top program for finance and analytics.

2. Indiana University Kelley School of Business

  • Tuition: $60,000 total
  • Duration: 24 months part-time
  • Courses: Financial markets, valuation, corporate finance, international finance
  • Platform: Canvas
  • About: Well-ranked program from a major public university with strong expertise in online education.

3. University of Florida Hough Graduate School of Business

  • Tuition: $66,000 total
  • Duration: 28 months part-time
  • Courses: Financial accounting, capital markets, risk management, financial analysis
  • Platform: Canvas
  • About: Features customized curriculum and concentrations. Top 25 public MBA programs located in the financial hub.

4. University of Massachusetts Amherst Isenberg School of Management

  • Tuition: $60,000 total
  • Duration: 24 months part-time
  • Courses: Investment analysis, macroeconomics, financial theory, financial modeling
  • Platform: Coursera
  • About: Strong value MBA option from a respected public research university. Finance concentration available.

5. The University of North Carolina Kenan-Flagler Business School

  • Tuition: $101,000 total
  • Duration: 21 months part-time
  • Courses: Finance fundamentals, leadership, quantitative methods, critical thinking
  • Platform: 2U
  • About: Prominent MBA program ranked #1 in the state and top 30 nationwide.

6. University of Wisconsin-Madison Wisconsin School of Business

  • Tuition: $74,000 total
  • Duration: 18 months accelerated
  • Courses: Security analysis, risk management, financial planning, valuation
  • Platform: Canvas
  • About: High ROI MBA with accelerated online option from a top public business school.

7. Arizona State University W.P. Carey School of Business

  • Tuition: $54,000 total
  • Duration: 24 months part-time
  • Courses: Managerial accounting, finance analytics, leadership, international finance
  • Platform: Coursera
  • About: Innovative stacked courses model with concentrations available. Ranked top 30 nationally.

8. Syracuse University Whitman School of Management

  • Tuition: $90,000 total
  • Duration: 24 months part-time
  • Courses: Financial accounting, markets, financial strategy, managerial finance
  • Platform: 2U
  • About: Ivy-caliber private school MBA featuring live online classes in real time with professors.

9. Duke University Fuqua School of Business

  • Tuition: $96,000 total
  • Duration: 19 months accelerated
  • Courses: Leadership, financial analytics, markets, corporate finance
  • Platform: Coursera
  • About: Top 10 ranked MBA globally from a world-renowned university and business school.

10. Penn State World Campus

  • Tuition: $70,000 total
  • Duration: 24 months part-time
  • Courses: Corporate finance, investments, financial institutions, risk management
  • Platform: Canvas
  • About: Highly affordable and flexible MBA program from a prominent public university.


This comprehensive guide showcases the range of prestigious online MBA finance degrees available from top-ranked nationwide business schools in the United States. With a tailored curriculum and experienced faculty, these rigorous yet flexible programs equip working professionals with advanced financial leadership competencies to thrive in today’s dynamic global business landscape. Prospective students should evaluate the program’s reputation, curriculum, faculty expertise, and cost when selecting the ideal online MBA finance degree aligned with their goals and lifestyle needs.


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